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How To Turn On/Off Incognito Mode in Google Maps

How To Use Incognito Mode in Google Maps Google is rolling out new privacy features to Google Maps, Youtube and Voice Assistant services. To provide more privacy to users, Google has launches Incognito Mode for Google Maps. Incognito mode has been one of the most popular privacy controls since it launched with Google Chrome in

Reliance Jio Extended Till April 15

  Reliance Jio Extended till April 15 as per Summer Surprise Offer. You can call this surprise extension as April fool prank.  The last date for Jio Prime subscription plan has been extended, a welcome reprieve for Reliance Jio customers who were unable to sign up for the service on the last day due to

Telecom firm AT&T to buy Time Warner for $85 Billion

AT&T the telecom gaint has unveiled a deal for Time Warner company that will transform the telecom giant into a media entertainment powerhouse positioned for a sector facing major technological changes. Merger, to transform AT&T, which doesn’t own content, into a media entertainment powerhouse. The deal approved on October 22 is valued at $108.7bn including debt, and