How to Get YouTube Red for Free? ( no root )

How to Get YouTube Red for Free?

YouTube Red is a monthly paid subscription service by YouTube, exclusively for users in the United States. It provides ad-free streaming of videos hosted by the service, offline and background playback of videos on mobile devices, and access to advertising-free music streaming.


YouTube’s Music Key is the video behemoth’s new push into ,music. They “key” features are ad-free listening, the ability to play music offline and in the background on your phone. For this, Google wants 10$ per month.


We have found two ways to get Youtube Red For Free.The following are they-


1.Non- Root Method

This method requires lots of Google accounts Depending Upon the Period of time you want to access the YouTube RedYouTube Red allows Free Trial Period of 14 days (no credit card required) we are using that as our advantage for this method. YouTube Red isn’t available in most of the countries, so we will be needing a VPN service, you can find lots of free VPN services over various platforms, Here are some Free VPN services we recommend –

For android – Cloud VPN

For Desktop (chrome browser) – Hola VPN Chrome Extention

The First step is to change your IP location to USA usingVPN if you are in counties without YouTube Red available. Then if its first time you will be prompted to try YouTube Red for a period of 2 weeks(14 days). Accept that proposition and enjoy free 2 weeks of YouTube Red. After completion of Trial Period repeat the process with other Google account. We just recommend VPN until you activate trial, we don’t recommend VPN after activation to watch YouTube videos because it causes Buffering, this is because you are accessing youtube videos from a distant server rather than fastest nearer one.

Once you activate YouTube Red you can access it on all the devices/platforms with the same Google account logged in.


2.Root Method

The First method requires your android phone to be rooted.With this method we won’t get the real Youtube Red But we will unlock the youtube Red Features for android phone. This method only works for android.

Install YouTube Background Playback

To begin, head to the Download section in your Xposed Installer app and search for YouTube Background Playback  then download and install it. Then go to modules tab and activate it. Then reboot to completely activate it.Now you can enjoy the YouTube red  Music Key / background play feature.


Playing Ad-Free YouTube

In order to get this feature install YouTube AdAway xposed module same as above. After activating this Feature you will be able to enjoy Ad-Free YouTube as YouTube Red.

With this method we are not able to play only YouTube Red videos. And this method can’t be used on other devices and requires rooted android device with xposed framework enabled.



The above are the ways to access the YouTube Red / YouTube Red features in possible free ways. But after all you can experience the Real YouTube Red Subscription Features unless you really own it. The above are the ways for people who can’t afford for YouTube Red Subscription but want to enjoy its features.




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