Siddhartha Movie Review Rating and Audience Response

Siddhartha Movie Review Rating and Audience Response

Siddhartha is a new movie starring Tv star turned Hero Sagar in the lead role along with Ragini and Sakshi Chowdary which was being directed by KV Dayanand Reddy and Produced by Dasari Kiran Kumar. The music department was handled by Mani Sharma. You can also search these at the links at Siddhartha Movie Review, Siddhartha Movie Review and Rating, Siddhartha Movie Review Rating and Audience Response, Siddhartha Movie Rating, Siddartha Movie Review, Siddartha Movie Rating, Siddartha Movie Review and Rating.

Siddhartha Movie Review: 3/5


Sagar fame of Meghali Rekulu turned as a movie hero introduced with a movie named Siddhartha which was directed by KV Dayanand Reddy under the production house of Dasari Kiran Kumar. The story cannot be better than this for a new upcoming hero. This was really a better story which was turned into an interesting story in the first half with the interval bang. Sagar who was good looking in the movie performed really well in the movie with his macho look and performance and expressions definitely one of the plus point for the movie. Actors like Ajay and Sathyam Rajesh were performed better and heroines performed well according to their characters and each and every frame was better. But after the first half, the film was straight dragged to the conclusion which can’t even give you any sort of interest after the first half. The story has been missed it flow after the interval.

Siddhartha Movie Rating

Sagar was one of the biggest plus points in the movie with his acting skills and looks. The way he acted in the movie makes you feel wondered and his body language makes fit for the role. He has been acting in the serials from long years which helped him to elevate better in the movie. People definitely after watching the film makes the note about the performance of Sagar. Both the ladies in the movie acted well according to their role. Director was really good with story and his screenplay but the second half have had done better. The second half is the only weak point in the film which makes us think as it was an average film. The producer was really passionate as we can see the cost on screen. Each and Every Rupee for the screen Presence made us feel rich and the costumes used in the film makes us feel as it was a high budget film.

Siddhartha Movie Audience Response

Mogali Rekulu which was one of the famous serials in the history of Gemini starring Sagar as R.K.Naidu was very familiar to the audience of Telugu. He came to film industry a long ago with the movie Mr.Perfect starring Prabhas. He did a small role in the movie. But this time, with Siddartha he turned out as a full-length Hero in the movie. Sagar was very good in the movie and made the character that he was only the apt the character. Along with his looks, his expressions made him stronger in the film. But the director has failed to use the complete acting skills in Sagar. Other actors were good in their roles and music was just okay and the background scores seem good. The audience may definitely like the movie with the screen presence of Sagar.

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