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Why is there little sense of pride in the country about what our parents and grandparents managed to achieve against all odds for our freedom?

Thoughts for Independence Day: On my last visit to India just a few days ago, I had the pleasure of reading a remarkable manuscript by a friend of mine, documenting the complex lives of her German-Jewish parents, who managed to escape the horrors of the Holocaust. As I was reading her text, she was in

CCL 5 Final live Streaming ,Scores Telugu Warriors vs Chennai Rhinos

CCL 5 Final match live Streaming ,Scores Telugu Warriors vs Chennai Rhinos CCL (Celebrity Cricket League) 5 Final live Streaming: Hello and welcome to live coverage of CCL 2015 between Telugu Warriors and the Chennai Rhinos and the latest updates about the match. The match will be played at uppal stadium Hyderabad by 3 pm.

Rosetta Spacecraft as Google’s Doodle Home page

Google’s Doodle Home page: Google has marked the Rosetta spacecraft’s historic landing on the comet with a doodle on its homepage. The doodle is an animated version of the Philae lander with a side tagline of “first controlled touchdown on the comet nucleus.”  Purpose of Rosetta Mission: it’s taken 10years for the ESA(European Space Agency)