Zuckerberg calls young to get involve in Engineering science and Programming

Zuckerberg ask to learn computer programming

Industry and electronic devices are constantly developing. Now more than ever, technology occupies an increasingly larger part of our lives, and at least in the developed and developing is easy to carry into her at every act. While Jack Ma seems to be the visionary of fashion in recent days, some people also like to acknowledge Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and the head behind the current revolution in interpersonal communication. This young American businessman is determined to play heavy on applied science and programming, and in fact thinks that scholars should be more interested in both. Zuckerberg has announced that it is willing to hire more young people to function in their troupe.


In a recent talk held in a school in Redwood City, Zuckerberg told the students to develop and understand how technology and computers is something that will open many doors in the future, so we can do what they like it. Later, the CEO of Facebook has announced a donation of 50 computers to the school will be made ​​and begin to teach classes to students who are interested in learning programming, starting with the creation of applications for mobile devices.

There is no doubt that the programming and development will be very important and Offer many opportunities in the near future, but the truth is that no one can know what will happen long term, as both industry standards such as the World technology and computers could change radically. If we await at the computing world will see that 30 years ago was very different from today.




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