Xiaomi Resumes Redmi 1S Sales in India, and to release Redmi 4G

Xiaomi Resumes Redmi 1S Sales in India, and to release Redmi 4G

The Redmi-1s and Redmi 4G version will be temporarily resume their sales in India. Few days back there is suspension of the Redmi sales due to an order passed by the Delhi High Court by some conditions up to January 8th 2015.

The Vice President of International for Xiaomi, Hugo Barra  announced that “ We will be resuming sales of Redmi Note shortly, with 4G model this time. For more details go to Mi India page. Stay tuned!” on his facebook page.

Actual case was between the Xiaomi and Ericsson. Ericsson have patent design on importing of handsets and the Xiaomi have to take the licence permission of Ericsson to sell their imported products said by the Ericsson spokesman.

Xiaomi Resumes Redmi 1S Sales in India :

The both Redmi 1s and Redmi Note are having very good high featured products which are coming at low rate in India that even their features are almost like an iphone. This two products which has created a huge market for the Xiamo company in the China. Now the Redmi 1s is of Rs.5999 and Redmi Note is Rs.9999 and is available on e-commerce website Flipkart for the registration.

But Xiamo company came with another idea which could resolve this problem. Now the Xiamo company are permitted to sell and import Qualcomm chipset based handsets until January 8th 2015. This could be exasperating to Ericsson company because of giving sales rights in country to sell and import the products of Xiamo company which has given order by Delhi High Court. Finally, however Xiamo company is coming to sell its products with 4G version said by the Hugo Barra.

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