Whatsapp new feature for video calling

Whatsapp new feature  for video calling

Whatsapp recently made a facility for the users for Voice Calling feature for the Whatsapp users. The whatsapp which was famous for messaging purpose and for the group chats was the earlier usage. This feature will be a very good advantage for the users and as well as for the company. After the Whatsapp owned by Facebook the whatsapp was coming with different features which are usually familiar with Facebook. The whatsapp was being very competitive after this feature was being added to the whatsapp.


The Whatsapp new feature was exciting for users. The Whatsapp new version 4.0.0 update was coming with free video calling feature that would be for all android market. After this update the Whatsapp is planning to be a paid application. So the users should download this version as soon as possible otherwise it could be difficult to get free update it would be a paid application.

Video calling :Whatsapp new feature

Actually the Whatsapp was used for message sending and even file sending such as like image, video files to transfer between users. It was very good application in very less time and it has more than 200 million users overall the world to be expected.

With the new feature of this update the whatsapp will become more rated app in android applications. So with this feature the whatsapp with new feature it was  complicating the competition with the other video calling service applications like viber, Skype, Google Hangouts and others.

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