Thesmartbridge Hyderabad Company Details and Recruitment

Thesmartbridge Hyderabad company details and recruitment :   SMARTBRIDGE is a comprehensive one-stop portal catering to the skill & knowledge development of the young graduates turning professionals. We host smart solutions for the students that bridge the gap in the transition phase from academics to workplace. Our Four Game Changing Modules SmartBridge has strategized and implemented tailor made modules that meet the need of the hour for the young grads. The basic aim is to utilise these modules for imbibing the fresh incumbents to take on their first job with skill and confidence.

SMARTBRIDGE Company Hyderabad details


Student Module: Towards excellence in respective disciplines using the best learning resources College Module: Enhance the facilities to communicate with students or industrial partners instantly Company Module: Drive innovation for the young graduates while enhancing their skill and precision towards work culture Mentor Module: A platform for knowledge sharing, nurturing skills in young engineers through mentorship.

SMARTBRIDGE Company Hyderabad Recruitments

Our main objective is to bridge the existing gaps between prevailing industry standards and what the academics offer to the graduates while passing out of university. SmartBridge offers suitable skill deployment and training to the young talent before on boarding their first job.

Our skill development programs are designed considering the present expectations in the industry. We thereby work along the lines to offer best programs.

SMARTBRIDGE Company Hyderabad

Main objectives of SmartBridge

  • Well directed career guidance programs for educational institutions
  • Appropriate certification courses that suit the industry need
  • Train the trainers; expanded awareness about the current industry standards
  • Liaise with corporates to offer niche internships
  • Establish technology development centers in colleges
  • Specialised incubation centers in collaboration with corporates

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