Thanu Vachenanta Movie Review Rating and Audience Response

Thanu Vachenanta Movie Review Rating and Audience Response

Thanu Vachenanta is a new upcoming horror movie from Rashmi Gautham starring in the lead role along with Teja Kakamanu and Dhanya Balakrishna in the lead roles. This movie was being directed by Venkat Kacharla and produced by Chandra Shekar Azad Pati Bandla. Musical department for this film was handled by Ravi Chandra. It was being continuously shot and planned to release in 2016. Jabbardasth fame actors Chanti and Sheshu in the comedy roles. You can also search these at the links Thanu Vachenanta Movie Review, Thanu Vachenanta Movie Review and Rating, Thanu Vachenanta Movie Review Rating and Audience Response, Thanu Vachenanta Movie Rating and Audience Response, Rashmi Gautham Thanu Vachenanta Movie Review, Rashmi Gautham Thanu Vachenanta Movie Review and Rating

Thanu Vachenanta Movie Review


Thanu Vachenanta is a Horror comedy movie starring Rashmi Gautham and Teja Kakamanu in the lead pair along with Dhanya Balakrishna in the lead role. It was directed by Venkat Kacharla and produced by Chandra Shekar Azad Pati Bandla. There were many Horror comedy films coming on now as it was one of the best successful formulae in the industry to secure a safe hit. Many industries followed Telugu Film Industry in making Horror comedy films. But now in this is the movie, It was introducing Zombies in the Horror movies. Rashmi Gautham playing the lead role as Zombie devil showing up her horror comedy screen presence. The movie was all about the story that being evolved between Teja and Rashmi Gautham and Dhanya. Music composed for this movie not so impressed but background scores were shined at some moments.

Thanu Vachenanta Movie Rating

Rashmi Gautham is an upcoming Tv star fame of Jabbaradasth Comedy Show who started her career as a side character artist and now she was the main lead heroine turned out with Guntur Talkies. There was nothing to perform much better in the movie as it was a flat downed movie. Comedy timing by her feels somewhat ok in the movie with the combination of Chalaki Chanti and Shaking Sheshu. Characterisations seemed ok but the story in a flat way does not make you help to get support from the audience. Director seems to make way the film with the zombie comedy in the movie but it makes you help in getting better scenes but in the complete movie. He has to concentrate more on the script writing more than the characterization.

Thanu Vachenanta Movie Audience Response

Many Horror comedy movies were introduced in Telugu Film Industry but the concept of Zombie horror comedy was the first concept introduced with this movie. It was not like the way they have expected. The comedy was seemingly below average and story narration was flat and dull. Performance wise it was nothing to say but the glamor show exceeded the limit and Rashmi Gautham willingly offers the audience to show her body. Actually, her Skin show dominated her acting in the movie and she has to improve a lot in the sense of acting.

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