Selfie Raja Movie Review, Rating and Public Talk


Selfie Raja Movie Review and Rating : Allari Naresh is again back with a comedy movie titled as Selfie Raja. As Allari Naresh after 7 flop movies he need  Desperate hit he came up now with a movie selfie raja which was Directed by G. Eshwar Reddy, this film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is. The leading roles in the movie are allari Naresh, sakshi chowdary, kamna ranawat . In the movie Selfie Raja (Allari Naresh) is a lucky youth who marries the daughter(Kamna Ranaut) of a police commissioner(Nagineedu). As his father in law has some personal issues with a dreaded criminal, the wicked man decides to take revenge and creates problems in Selfie Raja’s marital life and breaks up his marriage. you can also search this movie talk as Selfie Raja Movie Review and Rating, Selfie Raja Movie Review, Selfie Raja Movie Public Talk.

Selfie Raja Movie Review

Selfie Raja Movie Review, Rating and Public Talk

Movie name                :        Selfie raja

Directed by                 :        G. Eshwer Reddy

Produced by               :         Chalasani Ramabrahmam chowdary

Written by                  :        G. Eshwar Reddy

Casting                       :        Allari Naresh, Sakshi Chowdary, Kamna Ranawat,

Kishore Garikapati, S.Lokanathan, Sridhar Sepana,

Diamond RatnaBabu, Chinna, M.R Varma and


Music composed by  :        Sai Karthik

Cinematography        :       S. Lokanathan

Editing                       :       M R Varmaa

Banner                       :       Gopi movies

Release date               :       15th july 2016

Language                   :        Telugu

Selfie Raja( Allari Naresh) is a happy guy marries the daughter(Kamna Ranawat) of a commissioner(Nagineedu). As the commissioner has some personal issues with a dangerous criminal, the criminal decides to take revenge and creates problems in Selfie Raja’s married life and breaks up his marriage. Selfie Raja had no choice and decides to end his life and hires a contract killer(Ravi Babu) to shoot him. Now the Twist comes,Instead of Killing Selfie raja he will plan some thing big with his special partner.

Left with no choice, Selfie Raja, decides to end his life and hires a contract killer(Ravi Babu) to shoot him. Twist in the tale arises when the same contract killer brings in his special partner and plans something big instead of killing Selfie Raja.Who is this special partner ? What is his plan ? To know answers to all these questions, you need to watch the film on the big screen.

Selfie Raja Movie Public Talk

Every time, As Allari Naresh is doing a sincere job in his role. With Selfie Raja, He has stopped doing experiments and came back again to his routine comedy which suits and reaches his expectations. The various spoofs that have been showcased throughout are executed well. Especially those designed on 30 years Pruthvi are very funny and extremely amazing.First half of the film is somewhat decent and has a sensible meaning to the story. Interval twist is interesting and the climax will be good comedy. Heroine Kamna Ranaut also makes a decent debut and performs well too. Shakalaka Shankar and his snake comedy is good in the movie.

Selfie Raja movie Premier Show Talk 

After delivering a decent interval bang, the makers throw in some meaningless scenes and characters. Ravi Babu’s role is out right silly and doesnt have any meaning. The way his track is mixed with the main theme of the film lacks conviction.Songs come at regular intervals and disturb the flow of the proceedings during the second half. The makers tried to induce too many gigs and this made things even irritating. Even though Selfie Raja has a simple premise, the narration is where things go haywire. The makers have written comic episodes and tried to forcibly mold them into the story line which has no effect.

Selfie Raja Movie Public Response

Production values are pretty decent as the film is filled with good visuals and enough comedians. Music by Sai Kartheek is pretty decent but these numbers come as speed breakers. Screenplay is horrible as the film changes track post the first half. Dialogues are witty and have been written quite well.Coming to the director Eshwar Reddy, he has done a poor job with his direction. It is his narration which lacks any focus as he makes the film go out of place with his inexperience. Had he handled the comedy episodes well and used them in a proper way, the output would have been better.

Selfie Raja Movie Rating

On the whole, Selfie Raja is just an average comedy caper. The film is filled with gags which click at times and also irritate you to an extent. Allari Naresh’s sincere performance and some spoofs make the proceedings lively. Rest of the film is out of place and does not have much flow. All those who are hellbent on watching this film after watching its interesting teasers, they can give it a shot but go in well prepare

What is Good:

  1. Allari Naresh comedy without Experiments.
  2. Spoofs executed Well.
  3. 30 years Pruthvi comedy.

What is Bad:

  • Unnecessary scenes in Second-half.
  • Ravi babu role Not proper.
  • Songs are Disturbing the story.

Technical Department:

  • Good visuals.
  • Production values are decent.
  • Sai Kartheek Music is good.
  • Screenplay is bad.
  • Dialogues are ok.
  • Director Eshwar reddy not handled the scirpt well and storyline not convinced properly.

Selfie raja is a Timepass comedy movie.we can watch this movie without any expectations.o know Who is this special partner ? What is the plan ?

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