How to Protect Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet file

In today’s wide disclosed world, intruders are spread away in all the corners of the procurator. Therefore, owning a private password becomes more of a necessity than merely a mode of having privacy. Creating a password for a file is not known to many, whereas hiding and restricting is known to many. A five old kid also knows how to hide a file in this throttling world today. Point being, just hiding is not safe.

Through online you can browse and discover a lot of code which will supply you with a password for a specific file or folder, generally this is written in notepad in .bat format. And then you simply need to execute it and ply it later to find out if it runs. Although you can hide this file, only if it is found by an intruder, it won’t take long for him to catch the password as it is composed in the code in the notepad itself.

In MS OfficeExcel contains spreadsheets which contain vital information in the strategic and statistical format. So, it has to be protected. Supplying a password in excel is just as similar as that to word. Beneath are the steps you have to follow to tag in a password for your Excel document in Windows and MAC. The procedure is similar for all MS Office2007 and MS Office 2010.

Password Protect an Excel Spreadsheet File

Measure 1:                                                                                       

Subsequently you are executed with your work on excel, you evidently need to keep it. When you choose save, a window of Save as pops up. In which, you will find a text bar of name, under which at the bottom of the window, look for Tools option down there.



Measure 2:

Click on Tools, it will drop down a set of alternatives. Choose General options, it will open up a window with two different text boxes. One is to specify the password for accessing the file and the other one is for making and modifications to the file content.

Measure 3:               

Lay out your passwords for both the options, save and close the text file. Now, to find out if it works indeed, open the file, and it shall pop a window, inquiring for the passwords. Type in the passwords which you made while saving. This will unquestionably aid you keep your content safe and strong.


Change Excel Spreadsheet Password

To change the Password, after opening the file perform the above 3 steps again withdifferent password. This substitutes the old password of the file.

Note: If you forgot the password it is very difficult to regain it. There are many password recovery tools available, but most of them don’t work.

Hope this Tutorial Helps in creating a Password to an Excel Spreadsheet.

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