Modi election campaign in Maharastra Elections and fires on Congress

After a one year election campaign BJP Narendra Modi who became the Prime minister of India.Modi is again to the election campaign at Maharastra campaign and started it at Aurangabad. After BJP broke the alliance with the Maharastra local party Shiv Sena from 15 years.Narendra modi in his election campaign as directly pointed at Congress and NCP .
Narendra Modi started of campaign just ten days left from them polls. With bold statements on congress at Beed .Modi naming late Gopinath Munde as his colleague and brother in the Beed rally said the massive support at this rally is due to Gopinath Munde hardword and i he is alive there is no need to for him to come to campaign.Modi continued that to develop country the development of Maharastra is must.Modi didn’t state anything about the Shiv Sena and their break of alliance .
Modi questioned the people that wheater they need the people leaders who takes mone and lands and modi said It is clear in what direction the wind is blowing. Elect a BJP government with a full majority and see the results. Give me the power that I can take Maharashtra ahead of Gujarat.BJP’s dream to come in power would come true, he said, ” People ask me about my big vision, This is a land of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Shivji Maharaj had no big personalities, no big names, still he fulfilled the dream of ‘Hindavi Swarajya’. I tell them I’m ordinary man,I think small only,and I only think of doing big things for small people. ”
At end of speech Modi spoke to people about the obstacles the nation is facing and asked them to remember Gopinath Munde saying ,” Let’s vote for BJP and make the lotus bloom.”

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