LG G3 Explodes, Burn Through Mattress

LG G3  Explodes, Burn  Through Mattress

We had our fair share of exploding phones during the year, and it seems that before the year is out we could be treated to another such story, this time involving the LG G3.

According to a post on Reddit, PO G3 LG belonged to his sister and was in charge on her bed while she was changing, when suddenly the explosion happened.

The heat and the explosion were so great that it burned a hole in the mattress, which you can see in the picture above. Fortunately ,no one was hurt in the process, and we know that some of you think she probably used a third party charger / battery, or maybe she had the phone under the pillow while she lied (generating heat with little space to dissipate).

LG G3  Explodes, Burn  Through Mattress

While we only have the word of the OP, he said that none of this happened and that the phone was just lying on the bed and open the battery was original.

. Chances are that means is that it could just be a freak accident. After all, with the millions of phones manufactured by LG, this is not much of a stretch to think that there might be some flaws that slipped somehow the past quality control.

The OP also adds that they have shared this story via social media and have reached out to LG to see what they can do about it. LG has yet to issue an official statement or answer the question, but I hope we will hear from them soon.

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