Inkokkadu Movie Review Rating and Audience Response

Inkokkadu Movie Review Rating and Audience Response: 3/5
Inkokkadu movie starring Chiyan Vikram and Nayanatara in the lead roles which was written and directed by Anand Shankar under the production house of Thameens Films produced by Shibu Thameens. It was released on September 8, 2016. You can also search these at the links Inkokkadu Movie Review Rating and Public Talk, Inkokkadu Movie Review and Rating, Inkokkadu Movie Review Rating and Audience Response, Inkokkadu Movie Review and Audience Response, Inkokkadu Movie Rating and Audience Response.

Inkokkadu Movie Review

Vikram's Inkokkadu Teaser released by Chiranjeevi

Inkokkadu is a Telugu dubbed movie which was of Iru Mugan in Tamil.  The movie which was directed by Anand Shankar starring  Vikram, Nayanatara and Nithya Menon in the lead roles. This movie was produced by Shibu Thameens under the production house of Thameens Films . With all the trailers released and with the music on the market, The movie raised up the expectations in the audience. It seems that it was going to be a one of the nice content contained movie in recent times. Actors who are performed with ease and elevated very well in all the scenes. That would be definitely one of the biggest pluses to the film. Vikram was really excelled in his characters. Especially as Love, he just nailed the show and dragged the total attention towards him. With this movie, it was once again proved that he was one of the best actors in nowadays.  It was Vikram’s one man show as he was the heart of the movie. Nayanatara was performed decently according to the role. Nitya Menon was continuously doing such type of short roles which were unimportant. she was wasted as she has nothing to excel. The cinematography was awesome and Harris Background scores were outstanding. Editing works have has done better.

Inkokkadu Movie Rating

After Aparichithudu, Vikram doesn’t have a proper hit but he never thought back in choosing different roles. He has been entertaining us choosing different films as his last film was I manoharudu which was also he tried a different role as Lingeshan. It did not happen as per their expectations. And now he came back with this script as he was in hunger to get hit. Vikram has done extremely well in his roles. Though the director was not so famous, he dragged the audience towards film with his acting and variation in the released trailer. But the director would have concentrated more on the story rather than the production values. Production values of this film were simply superb. The first half seems very good with an outstanding surprise and it slowly loses the grip on the movie story. The climax was dragged too much and it would have been edited well.

Inkokkadu Movie Review Rating and Audience Response

Tollywood film audience were always greedy about new conceptual stories. Vikram’s I Manoharudu was a different film with great performances but it was not managed as we all expected with the trailers. And again with Inkokadu, Vikram raised up the expectations in the audience with his performance and get up in the movie trailer. It was strongly connected to the audience especially the character Love. We will definitely like the character of love and it will be definitely going to be a special film in the career of Vikram.


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