Hyderabad Metro:Uppal Metro cracks & collapse image Shared Online: HMRL clarifies 

Hyderabad Uppal Metro Collapse & Cracks  image surfaced Online

Photographs of a long surface crack at Uppal Metro station were being circulated in WhatsApp groups creating panic among Metro commuters.

Days after a piece of concrete fell on a woman standing in a metro rail station resulting in her death, Hyderabad Metro has called for a thorough inspection of other Metro pillars after photographs of cracks in Prakash Nagar
metro station went viral.

Here is how people reacted and shared Uppal metro crack on twitter.

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Hyderabad Metro MD Response To Uppal Metro Collapse Photos shared online

Uppal Merto Cracks & collapse Images True or Not

Just days after small portions of the Ameerpet Metro Station concrete fell on the pedestrian and killed her, the Uppal metro station has developed dangerous cracks on its body as well.  People are suspecting the quality of L&T metro work.


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Uppal Metro Structure Develops Huge Cracks

A huge crack being visible on the structure of the Uppal Metro station has sounded an alarm with the people around.

Why is this happening? Were the materials used to build the structures of lower quality? Whatever be it, it is a threat to people and their lives and the metro rail should take steps to strengthen its structure to avoid any disasters that are to happen in the future. Adarsh a civil engineer said, ” Metro officials should check for such problems and repair them at the earliest,”.

Twitter Reports Uppal Metro Cracks & Collapse images



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People of Hyderabad are waiting for an official response on Hyderabad Metro cracks and Uppal Metro Crack  Collapse new.


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