Real or Fake: Is This Fingerprint Shaped Building in Thailand Real or Not

Fingerprint Shaped Building in Thailand

A photo of a ‘fingerprint shaped building’ in Thailand is going viral on social media. But it’s not real.  The Fingerprint shaped building is not real.

Many Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp users are sharing the image with the caption, Fingerprint Building in Thailand.

fingerprint shaped building in Thailand

Interested users can check the archived version of the post here.

What is The Truth: Fingerprint Shaped Building in Thailand

The Fingerprint Shaped Building in Thailand is a digital artwork designed by the SpicyH advertising company for a marketing campaign. The company based out of Bangkok in Thailand.

Quoting about the project the company said “We just had to share this ‘building’ with you. But, before you get too excited about the futuristic design then stand by since it isn’t actually real! It was actually part of a marketing campaign for a company that makes fingerprint software and panels, but it would be pretty cool if it was!

fingerprint shaped building Thailand



SpicyH created this campaign for a Bangkok-based company named It Works’. The company manufactures fingerprint security systems such as software and panels. SpicyH advertising company has created 3 different architectural designs Home, Office and Lab.


You can check SpicyH Fingerprint Shaped Building designs Here

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