Why #MuhammadForAll tweet is Trending: Fact Check

Why #MuhammadForAll tweet is Trending

To understand why #MuhammadForAll twitter hashtag is trending we need to look deep into the issue.

According to Some twitter users, Today’s trend #MuhammadForAll is not only a response to Sanghis propaganda against Prophet Muhammad pbuh but also a mission to propagate the vision of a man who is high on humanity.

They claim that this #MuhammadForAll tweet trend started when some of the twitter users reportedly Hindu religion defaming Prophet Mohemad. you can see there is another tweet #पैगम्बर_आतंकी_है and #ProphetisGay also trending.

So when the other community people started attacking the prophet, the followers of Mohemad started spreading the teaching of Muhammad to create awareness.

whatever the reasons we must stop this and focus on ourselves and Humanity. ultimately its humanity which stands tall. Hope everybody understands the concept of life and help each other.


The quarrel between us is used by the politicians and also Nations to create another issue out of it. they make something out of it.



To understand the issue completely read the tweets on #MuhammadForAll and #पैगम्बर_आतंकी_है
I personally won’t recommend you to read this. for the reference purpose, I am putting only a few tweets here.



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