Twitter Added New Feature “While You Were Away”

Twitter Added New Feature “While You Were Away”:

Twitter added a new feature ‘While You Were Away’ for the users. The application which is related to Facebook Recap of posts which are in our circles. The Twitter was founded in March 2006 with different options which doesn’t have on Facebook that creates a difference. Twitter is trying to implement many features and this was the first outcome, may expect many feature for Twitter in this year. This is another Social Networking site like Facebook, Google+ and others.

Twitter New App Released on New Year:

The Twitter new app which is used to extract the tweets that are related to your circles like friends will be shown on your home screen. This application was working for the New Year Eve 2015. This application made users to more like to use. Also learn on  how to Change Twitter Password

Twitter added New feature "While You Were Away"

Many users are unable to recollect their past tweets regarding their followers in the Twitter account and this was the major problem for Twitter and the best is that we can see anyone’s tweets by using any account. This feature was the better advantage to many users while they are off-line and they can know other tweets of their circles when log on to their account on their screen. But this app will collect all the tweets that you have missed regarding friends and also other tweets that is not important or interesting to the user. also you can know on change Twitter Password on iphone

Finally, by this feature the Twitter using may increases in the user’s usage and which is trying to enhance their online market.

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