Snapdeal Gets 65% of Orders Via Mobiles says Kunal Bahl

Snapdeal Gets 65% of Orders Via Mobiles says Kunal Bahl:

Snapdeal Announced that the consumer orders are coming via mobiles more than sixty five (65) percent in 2014. Snapdeal is an e-commerce site started on February 2010 by Rohit Bansal, and Kunal Bahl. Kunal Bahl was CEO of the Online Marketplace Company.

The E- Commerce companies are growing every day as there is huge competition with new sellers. After Flipkart, Snapdeal managed to be a another option for the online consumers in India. The Last Year 2014 was a very good year for E- commerce market and many sites are shown their strength and became like a brand in online marketing.

Snapdeal gets 65% of orders via mobile says Kunal Bahl

Snapdeal Gets 65% orders through mobiles in 2014 said by Kunal Bahl:

CEO Kunal Bahl said that “ Snapdeal Grew over 600 percent in last year becoming the fastest growing e-commerce company in India and a leader in M-commerce (Mobile) with over 65 percent of the orders coming from Mobile devices.”

He also said that our online market was trying to be innovative that the things which can be bought offline are also available in our market. We also sell Automobiles (Bikes, Cars and other parts) and also planning to launch many products in this year.

For the Sellers it was the best option to sell their products via online markets, because in five more years the online market will be having rapid growth throughout the world.

Finally, Kunal Bahl Said “ Our vision is to create one million online entrepreneurs in India to reach this goal we will continue to innovate to enhance our online shopping experience and our merchants selling experience on Snapdeal.”



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