PK movie becomes Highest Grossing film in Bollywood

PK movie becomes Highest Grossing film in Bollywood:

‘PK’ movie becomes highest grossing film in Bollywood. The movie producers said that the movie has broken the record hold by ‘Dhoom 3’. Dhoom 3 movie holds the record by collecting around 271 crores in the Indian market for Bollywood. The film broke this record and established new record by collecting around 278 Crores. The movie released on December 19th 2014.

PK movie becomes Highest grossing film in Bollywood

Before movie appearance on the screens it has been lot of altercation in public as well as in Bollywood Since, when the PK naked poster released. Even when movie released many protesters came to boycott the PK movie in many areas over India. But all this hurdles was successfully crossed to become Highest grossing movie of Bollywood.

After Ramdev babu called to boycott the PK movie content looks it was denigrating the Hinduism. But the UP government supports the movie and they also told that there is lot to learn from this movie by tax free to this movie.

PK movie director Rajkumar Hirani said that “ I had never in my wildest dreams thought this film will cross these numbers. It reinforces faith that content is king. We can continue making film we believe in. The messages I get are overwhelming. People are watching film over and over again. It’s humbling”. F.I.R was also filed in Jaipur on Amir Khan, Director Hirani and producers of this movie.

Amir Khan PK Movie Collections:

The former year 2014 big hi was Kick movie starring Salman Khan collecting more 240 crores. The combination of Hirani and Amir was worked again in a perfect way to steal collections earlier for ‘3 Idiots’ was the first movie to cross 200 crores in Bollywood. Then that record was break by SRK’s Chennai Express with around 230 crores it was crossed by Salman and then finally Amir has taken it again with Dhoom 3 and continuing with PK.

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