Name Change Procedure in INDIA online in 2020

Online Name Change

The name amendment could be a quite common factor that Many folks amendment their names for various reasons.

Some know permanently luck, others for wedding, and a few simply wish to vary the writing system, regardless of why you alter your name, it’s to be done formally.

There are legal processes concerned, that are quite extended and sophisticated. We have weakened the name amendment procedure and have explained very well concerning the name amendment procedure in the Asian countries.

The procedure concerned for a reputation amendment is often split into an easy three-step method.

If the steps are followed properly, it is often tired little time. We connect you with the simplest lawyers to supply recommendations on the name amendment procedure in your town

Name Change Procedure in India

 Creating the Name Change Affidavit

Step1:  First select a new name then the name is shortlisted

Step2: Name Change Affidavit that is best done with the help of a lawyer.

  • Then An instrument must be created on a stamp paper.
  • The instrument should have details of your previous name, new name, the explanation for the name modification (marriage, legal, subject area, etc), and therefore the address.
  • The name modification instrument must be signed by 2 witnesses and gazetted officers rank alongside their stamp.

Placing Advertisement

We will place a poster within the national newspaper for your name modification.Those that area unit married ladies, they must conjointly mention the name of their husband and therefore the permanent address within the notification

Gazette Procedure

After the Associate in Nursing’s initial name amendment application is submitted, your name should be printed within the National Gazette.  Once the publication is completed, we’ll send you the Gazette copy with the main points of the publication page.

Preparing the name change affidavit in India

In case you would like to use for employment, visa, passport, or the other connected reasons, you’ll have to be compelled to provide verification for your citizenship, name, and address.

Hence, if you had recently modified your name, associate legal instrument concerning your name amendment is that the most important proof concerning your identity.

we provide you numerous sorts of legal instrument formats on-line.

The legal instrument is that the most vital document in an exceedingly name amendment application. It’s a written document that needs to be crammed on a stamp paper of Rs.10 or Rs. 20.

The document should even be signed by a notary, generally, most lawyers square measure notary servants.

An affidavit can be of many types. Some of them are:

Change of name affidavit

The reasons you must require this affidavit are: To fill

  1. Your old name or maiden name
  2. new name
  3. current address
  4. age
  5. Reason for the change in name.

Newspaper Publication & Publication in Gazette of India are mandatory for Change of Name affidavit –

Affidavit for Change Of Name after marriage

This legal document is employed for people who need to vary their names once the wedding. Besides a stuffed up kind, a replica of the wedding certificate and pictures of yourself and your partner got to be submitted.

Documents required for Online Name Change Application

  • A legal instrument on a stamp paper, the minimum price ought to be Rs.10.
  • The original newspaper cutting of the name amendment advertising.
  • A prescribed perform in written format punctually signed by someone and 2 witnesses.
  • Two passport size pictures. Photocopies of valid ID proof ( PAN card, Aadhaar card, or passport)
  • A CD with a soft copy of the application in .docx format punctually stuffed.
  • A letter stating that the content within the exhausting and soft copy of the applying is true.
  • A request letter alongside the registration fee to the authority.

Central Gazette publication after the name change

Central Gazette may be a higher choice to publish your name amendment advertising and for state workers, it’s a compulsory step. we have a tendency to send the subsequent documents to the department of the publication

  • Proforma notification
  • Verification Certificate
  • C.D format
  • Request letter
  • Affidavit

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