Merry Christmas Status for Whatsapp and Facebook 2014

Happy Christmas Status for Whatsapp

  • “In the streets, in homes and in all parts of the world a peaceful atmosphere you breathe because the Son of God is with us to give us his blessing, and I wish you all of you a merry christmas
  • “Jesus was born in a humble place but his heart is worth more any treasure, remember to be happy this Christmas money is not important, the child receives God in your heart and feel what is true happiness, do it and have the best Christmas of your life
  • “It depends on you if you want to be a mas or is the best, if you want a memorable remember that people who are close to you can be immensely happy if you let your heart express your best wishes, merry christmas “
  • “The Christmas tree, colored lights and gifts are just details, Christmas is complete when we share the joy of the birth of the child god, merry christmas”
  • The street lights glow in the dark and artificial fire in the sky announce christmas, hope you all have the opportunity to be with people they love, merry christmas”

happy christmas quotes


Merry Christmas Status for Facebook

  • “In every city the voices of happy people listen because Christmas is getting closer, this good night shared with the people you love, merry christmas
  • “I wish every day were Christmas because on this date the bad memories are forgotten and we daydream with a world full of peace and love, merry christmas “
  • “True wealth is not in our bank account, is in the people who love us and are part of our life, Merry Christmas to all “
  • “This Christmas Jesus came to every home in the world and bring blessings to all, receive it with love and be happy”
  • Today born again El Salvador world, his name is Jesus and want this night we all unite as brothers merry christmas”
  • “Christmas is a time to forgive, to be supportive and make the world realize that despite differences we can all be happy

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