Memory Loses links to Blood Group

Blood Groups and risks to get the diseases

The Fluid organ of the human body, blood which carries all proteins and oxygen with it.As we know blood groups are categorized into the major four types as A,B,AB,O
and all the medical treatments depend on the type of blood group we have in major surjery.As the researches prove there are risks for some medical risks of each type of blood
According to stats total population of world as 4% of Blood Group AB.And the Researches prove that there is risk to memory impairments like demantia for these blood group.After a 3 years of study on 495 people and has that 6% of AB blood group are more prone dementia problems and a comparission with 587 people not having any cognitive problems.And given that 82% of people having memory problems.

The people with the blood group “O” are more likely to have less Cardiovascular diseases which decreases the risks for the Brain diseases.Blood levels with a factor VIII, a class of protein that helps blood to clot. High the levels of factor VIII as high risk to the cognitive impairment and dementia.
People with high levels of factor VIII in blood are 24 per cent more to develop thinking and memory problems than other people with lower levels of protein and AB blood group has high average level of factor VIII than other blood groups

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