Liar’s Dice Oscar Awards 2015 Nominee from India

Liar’s Dice a National Award winning film for the year 2014 in the categories of of best cinematography and actress Directed by Geetu Mohandas is now nominated to the Academy Awards popularly known as Oscar awads for the year 2015 is the Best Foreign Language film category.The main stream of the film which is shot in Hindi Language. The film which which was shot with a low budget in the areas of North India .The film Liars dice to its way to Oscars award nominations from India as moved all other films like Mary Kom,2 states,Queen from bollywood and many films from other languages.

Liar’s Dice whose story revolves around a lady who goes in search of her husband with her daughter and these two are guided by a man who also his in to complete self motive.The movie is Director Geetu Mohandas as made her directorial debut with this film in Bollywood who made her first film in Malyalam.After the Laggan in 2001 no film from India cannot make postion in top five in the best foregin anguage category.
A non commericial subject which as got its applauds is now on the away to get more and hope that the film will make the best at Los Angels and wish the team .

Trailer of the Movie :LIAR’S DICE


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