Jayalalithaa Tamilnadu CM released on bail by Supreme Court

Supreme Court of India as granted the Bail for Jayalalithaa.Jayalalithaa who was sent to jailed for the cases of Disproportion for four years and a fine of 100 crores last month by by the High court if Bengalore and she was sent to jail .She was the second Cheif Minister who was sent to jail by when they are in the tenture.
JayaLalithaa who was the cheifminister of TamilNadu along with other three Sasikala Natrajan, VK Sudhakaran and J Ilavarasi are also granted bail by court. Bench of Supreme Court head by Chief Justice HL Dattu all the four will be released under satisfying the conditions for the trail court.
Jayalalithaa Tamil Nadu former CM,who appealed for bail said she is suffering from various ailments and volunteered before apex court to give her a house arrest for 2 to 3 months.
Supreme Court issused the bail of two months i.e till dec 18 2014 by the time she should the submit all the doucments to the court and fail to submit and she will be cancelled the bail and sent back to the jail.JayaLaithaa is asked to wrtte a letter to all the party members to maintain peace and denined she will be back to the jail and the bail will be cancelled
Conditional bail is issused to Jayalalithaa on health and other conditions.

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