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Anganwadi Registers

The Anganwadi center provides basic health care in Indian villages. The Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, has released a revised set of registers and reporting forms to Anganwadi workers. We have collected ICDS Anganwadi registers list and full details. read the full article to know more.

Each and every State Government will print and issue to you a full set of 11 new registers as well as new monthly and annual reporting forms.

The monthly progress report (MPR) has a few new sections where you have an opportunity to present your ideas and problems.

The Anganwadi center provides basic health care in a village. It is a part of the Indian public health care system. Basic health care activities include contraceptive counseling and supply, nutrition education and supplementation, as well as pre-school activities.


How to use Anganwadi Registers:

The Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India and Integrated Child Development Services ICDS has developed a protocol to monitor Child and Women growth monitor in rural areas. They have issued 13 sets of registers for Anganwadi worker to use.

Here a sample video of How to Use Anganwadi registers.

Anganwadi Registers :

Here is the list of Anganwadi Registers for ICDS.

Register 1: Family Details 6
Register 2: Supplementary Food Stock 11
Register 3: Supplementary Food Distribution 16
Register 4: Pre-School Education 23
Register 5: Pregnancy and delivery 27
Register 6: Immunization & VHND 30
Register 7: Vitamin-A Bi-Annual Rounds 37
Register 8: Home Visits Planner 39
Register 9: Referrals 44
Register 10: Summaries (Monthly and Annual) 47
Register 11: Weight Record of Children 60
The Calendar Tool Book 63
Data Transfer Sheet 68
AWC Monthly Progress Report (AMPR) 71
AWC Annual Status Report (AASR)

For Full Details about ICDS Anganwadi Registers, Download PDF explanation of  Anganwadi 13 Registers here.

Download Anganwadi Registers PDF  

You can also read about Anganwadi Register at ICDS Website: IDCS Anganwadi Registers.

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