Hyderabad Techie fears threat to life from Facebook

Hyderabad Techie fears threat to life from Facebook:

In a compliant filed in the High Court at Hyderabad on Facebook C.E.O Mark Zuckerberg by a Techie that he as life threat from Facebook .

Techie said in complaint that ” He attended a  interview for the as Cyder Analyst at Facebook data center interview .  He said in the interview that he know the security architecture and loops holes in it and said Facebook management is hunting him spreading rumours that he has connections with terror network Al Qaeda. .

 Techie of Hyderabad as life threat from Facebook

Techie form Hyderabad named Pradeep said that he previously worked at California and returned to India after the threats from the Facebook . There was a attack on him with knife and he filed a complaint on the incident .

Techie said that Facebook is deceiving people  for continuing in the first place .

Not only the incident but there are many people who are beneficiary but also as lost many things due to these social media giants .

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