How to Apply Marriage Registration in India 2020

Marriage Registration in India

  • The Supreme Court of the Republic of India, in 2006, created it necessary to register all marriages. In India, a wedding will either be registered below the Hindu wedding Act, 1955, or below the Special wedding Act, 1954.
  • The Hindu wedding Act applies to Hindus, whereas the Special wedding Act applies to any or all voters of the Republic of India no matter their faith.
  • The Hindu wedding Act offers for registration of AN already solemnized wedding and doesn’t provide for solemnization of a wedding by a wedding Registrar. However, the Special wedding Act provides for the solemnization of a wedding furthermore as registration by a wedding Officer.
  • To be eligible for a wedding in the Republic of India, the minimum age is twenty-one years for males and eighteen years for females. The register wedding method is applicable just for the above-named age for men and girls.

 A Solemnized Marriage between any two Hindus if the following conditions are fulfilled, namely:

  1. If neither party includes a spouse equivalent living at the time of the wedding.
  2. If neither party is incapable of giving a legitimate consent to that within the consequence of the status of mind.
  3. Though capable of giving valid consent, neither of them has been tormented by Associate in Nursing disorder or to such an extent on being unfit for wedding and also the sexual practice of kids.
  4. If neither of them has been subject to repeated attacks of psychopathy or encephalopathy.
  5. The bride has completed the age of eighteen years and also the Bridegroom’s age must be twenty-one years at the time of the wedding.
  6. The parties aren’t at intervals the degrees of prohibited relationship unless the custom or usage governing every one of them permits of a wedding between the 2.
  7. The parties don’t seem to be a lineal ascendant of the opposite (Sapindus) unless the custom or usage governing every one of them permits of a wedding between the 2.

Solemnization in Hindu Marriage

  • The Hindu wedding Act, 1955 deals with ceremonies to be followed in registration of Hindu wedding, by the virtue of Sec. 7
  • The availability states that a Hindu wedding will be solemnized following customary rites and ceremonies of either of the parties.
  • A Hindu wedding will be solemnized underneath the customary rites and ceremonies of either party, Where the rites and ceremonies embrace the saptapadi (the taking seven steps by the bride and also the groom together around the sacred fire), the wedding becomes complete and binding once the seventh step is taken.

Marriage Registration Online

You can register the wedding certificate on-line, however not altogether Indian states. it’s inaccessible even in larger cities like metropolis and Bengaluru, however, is presently attainable in the urban centers. A resident of urban center United Nations agency desires to avail of the net Registration of wedding Certificate choice could visit the website: fits the subsequent register wedding procedure:

1. Select the relevant district
2. Fill in the details of the husband
3. Select the ‘Registration of Marriage Certificate’ option
4. Fill in the necessary details required in the Marriage Certificate document
5. Select the desired date of appointment
6. Select the ‘Submit Application’ option

An acknowledgment page can then seem with all the relevant details of your appointment and directions to be followed. A brief variety is assigned which will be found written on the acknowledgment slip. The applier should print and preserve a replica of the applying type and acknowledgment slip.

Applicants are needed to require a witness at the side of them to the Sub-registrar for wedding registration. someone World Health Organization has attended the wedding of the parties will be a witness, provided the aforesaid person possesses a PAN Card and proof of residence.

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