How to Apply For Patanjali Franchise in 2020

How to Apply For Patanjali Franchise

In Gregorian calendar month 2020, Patanjali Ayurveda aforementioned that they had developed the primary Ayurvedic drugs to cure COVID-19.

Patanjali claimed ‘Coronil’ and ‘Swasari’ had shown “100% favorable results” throughout clinical trials on affected patients, at Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar.

Patanjali may be a whole that has already placed its footprints amongst the highest brands within the country and shortly within the world

Get a franchise and run a business wherever you got to sell one amongst the most effective quality and organic merchandise.

Patanjali Ayurved restricted aims to produce quality merchandise for all individuals. Patanjali consists of the sole piece of writing merchandise wherever the farmers facilitate inactivity the ingredients.

The agriculturer helps Patanjali in providing with the most effective quality sources of grains, seasoner, and organic merchandise. This may at the same time facilitate the farmers to lift their financial gain and facilitate them to develop a lot of organic needs to the specified organization.

Why Patanjali?

Patanjali has currently become a social unit product within the country. And so, it’s the fastest-growing complete. Baba Ramdev started Patanjali and is currently with success earning trust through its secure quality product.

The product of the Patanjali area unit on the market in virtually three lakh+ stores, and there area unit regarding 5000+ franchise stores with over 1000+ product being factory-made. Patanjali’s written material is worked up to feature a lot of and a lot of franchisees, distributors, and dealers in several alternative districts. Patanjali product area unit found on-line, as well.

Therefore, confine mind that Patanjali product area unit organic, highest quality, and on the market at cheap worth.

What is Patanjali Franchise Schemes?

Retailers told CLSA that their average gross turnover is Rs twenty-five thousand each day.

Profit margins for retailers square measure 10-20% across product classes.

Patanjali, that had a turnover of Rs 5000 large integer, is currently eyeing at doubling its revenue within the immediate years to come back.


  • Gramodhyog Nyas

  • Patanjali Mega Store

  • Patanjali Chikitsalaya & Arogya Kendra

Requirements for setting up of a Patanjali Mega Store:

  • You might deposit a margin (refundable) of Rs.5 lakh (2.5 large integers within the name of Divya Pharmacy and a pair of.5 large integer within the name of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd., Haridwar) within the variety of demand draft (DD).
  • However, Patanjali Mega Store has got to be settled solely within the prime space within the town.
  • Megastore ought to have a minimum distance of 2.5 K.M. in Metro City & 3.5 Km in Non-Metro City
  • The someone has got to give pictures of the place, PAN card, passport size pictures of the franchisee, identity proof, address proof, copy of sales registration, possession or rent deed
  • The Institute can appoint a Vaidya at Mega Store, and also the store operator has got to give medical instruments to the Vaidya.
  • The operator of the megastore must have to arrange a sitting, drinking, toilet, etc. facilities at the store.
  • The Mega Store will sell only the products of Divya Pharmacy, Patanjali Ayurved, and products approved by the Institute.

What is the  cost of opening stores approximately at various levels:

  • Opening price for Patanjali sales outlet – minimum Rs.50,000/-
  • Opening price for Patanjali business concern Store – minimum Rs.50,000/-
  • The gap price for Patanjali Distributorship Store – minimum Rs.1 lakh
  • Opening price for Patanjali Mega Store in Asian country – minimum Rs.1 crore

Online Patanjali Franchise Application Forms:

  • You will find the online franchise application forms in Hindi and in English where both the Mega Store and Patanjali Chikitsalaya & Arogya Kendra Forms are available.
  • You can refer to the online application form for Patanjali Mega Store exclusively
  • Find the application form for Gramodhyog Nyas
  • You can find the application form for Patanjali Chikitsalya and Arogya Kendra.

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