History of Maha Shiva Ratri

History of Maha ShivaRatri

Maha Shivratri, which literally means “great night of Shiva” is a Hindu festival celebrated primarily in India and in Nepal. The festival is celebrated on the day of the new moon of the month of Maagha according to the Hindu calendar. The day is celebrated to worship Lord Shiva, an important deity in the Hindu culture.

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There are many mythological legends associated with this day. According to a popular story, when a hunter could not find something to kill for food in a forest, waiting on the branch of a tree Wood apple. To attract the deer, he began to lay the leaves of the tree on the ground, unconscious that there was a Shiva Lingam under the tree. Happy with Woodapple leaves and patience of the hunter, it is believed that Lord Shiva appeared before the hunter and blessed with wisdom. Since that day, the hunter stopped eating meat.

History of Maha Shiva Ratri 2015

Another legend says that after the Earth was facing imminent destruction, Goddess Parvati has engaged with Lord Shiva to save the world. Happy to his prayers, Lord Shiva agreed to save the world on the pretext that the peoples of the Earth have to worship with dedication and passion. Since that day, the night came to be known as Maha Shivratri and people began to worship Shiva with great enthusiasm.

Some folklore also consider that it is the day Shiva as has been seen as the answer given by Lord Shiva when asked about his day preferred by Goddess Parvati.

Maha Shivratri is a Hindu festival which is celebrated by the following persons Hinduism in India. Often, people fast during the night of Shivratri and sing hymns and praise the name of Lord Shiva. Hindu temples across the country are decorated with lights and colorful decorations and people can be offered night long prayers to Shiva Lingam. Woodapple leaves, cold water and milk are offered to Shiva Lingam that day because they are believed to be the favorite of Lord Shiva.

It is believed that people who are fasting overnight and offer prayers to Shiva to bring good luck in their lives. Popular Maha Shivratri celebrations are held in Ujjain considered the place of residence of Lord Shiva. Large processions are carried out throughout the city, with people thronging the streets to catch a glimpse of the revered idol of Lord Shiva.

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