Google is planning to release new messaging app

Whatsapp owned by Facebook for 19 billion dollars over Google which made a bid of 10 billion . After loosing Whatsapp  Google is planning to launch a new messaging app.Google sent their product manager Nikhyl Singhal to submit a report on messaging ecosystem in India. They are planning to test the messaging app in Indian market. In India sales of Android phones are increasing rapidly. Google has recently launched android one which favours to release this app in India

The messaging app will be expected to release in is expected to support all Indian languages.Just different from hangouts and other Google apps it does not require any credentials,which is a best idea to work out.It is also contain a feature of voice to text conversion unlike any other messaging app. The new messaging app will be free to download and use.

To do a better job in india it should be compete with messaging apps like Whatsapp, which has 65 million users, and viber,line,hike have around  15 million users.

Whatsapp is very simpler in use and very effective in group conversations.Apart from some demerits whatsapp is leading messaging app till now.

Privacy and chat themes are best characteristics of hike.and in hike you can send 100 messages to non hike numbers. and it can work in Nokia asha phones also.

 Also Read how to create account in:

In viber you can call with internet compete all this Google should think innovative to make their messaging app successful.

But as far as we know is just an article in Indian news paper. There is confirmation or news is not release by Google.

Is it a rumor or real we don’t know. If Google release this messaging app, will it threatens whatsapp and all messaging apps? lets wait and see what is going to happened……

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