Facebook to Begin Auto-Enhancing Photos

Facebook to Begin Auto-Enhancing Photos :

The New feature was added by Facebook to the users which would enhance the photos by default. The feature was about the photos, actually there will be a great problem of setting the image to a perfect quality and other features which look like a good picture. This process was frustuating users for many years.

Now facebook launches a feature which auto-enhances the photo which could automatically selects the intensity, colour, and clarity of an Image. This was the change which occurs on Facebook Application which is only in Android phones. The Android will be soon update this feature to the OS of users to use the auto photo enhancer but it also doesn’t announced for other brands like Windows and other products.

Facebook to Begin Auto-Enhancing Photos more details :

But the same feature will not be added to personal computer base users, may be in after some days this feature also added to the personal computer users. The Facebook new feature auto photo enhancer the same feature was also used in Google is providing this feature since two years.it seems that since from starting of facebook is following Google to increase their features. Finally, it is coming for only mobile users to improve quality of user mobile photos.

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