Dragons of Camelot Movie Review and Rating

Dragons of Camelot Movie Review and Rating :

Dragons of Camelot is releasing on 19th December 2014 directed by Mark L. Lester. The Dragons of Camelot is a Sci-Fi and Fantasy based movie and it story runs in ancient time. The whole story revolves around these warriors try to defeat an evil and dragons.

Cast and Crew:

Director: Mark L. Lester

Cast: Alexandra Evans, Mark Griffin, James Nitti

Writers: Erik Estenberg, Rafael Jordan

Producers: Anthony Fankhauser, Mark L. Lester, Stuart Alson, Jeff Goldman.

Music Director: Chris Cano

Cinematography: Mark Atkins

Editor: Christian McIntire

Duration: 80 Minutes

Release Dates: December 2014

 Dragons of Camelot Movie Review and Rating :

The Dragons of Camelot trailer looks something different but already this movie was made appearance on September and November in other countries United Kingdom, Germany and other countries. But Dragons of Camelot got a very bad reviews from the critics from the countries which the film was released. The movie itself got many negatives with director Mark L. Lester. His movies are making disasters from since a decade.

The cast looks like not well experienced but it has got some stuff. The Alexandra Evans who is well-known British Actress and model. She was lead role in this movie. Mark Griffin and James Nitti was not perfectly suits for their characters. Most of all the main characters are the new to the acting field. But the most experienced director Mark L. Lester was failed to perform their characters to put well on the screen. Finally, the Dragons of Camelot movie was waste of time for 80 minutes and viewers are also not of capable to bare up to that time.

Dragons of Camelot Movie  Rating

Ratings: 3.1/10  Source :IMDB 


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