How To Download the technical version of Windows 10

  • Since Microsoft warns that because it is an experimental software users can suffer failures or loss of information.
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Microsoft revealed this week that his next, the operating system Windows10. Though the final software will not reach 2015 users , Microsoft has started a phase in which users, entrepreneurs, developers and businesses can download a technical version to go testing functions and send your feedback.

It is part of a new strategy for the company headed by Satya Nadella, which aims to integrate more public in implementing the system.Windows 8 was not a success because the development process lacked the interaction with the real public. Microsoft wants to avoid that scenario repeated and put to work.

The technical version of Windows 10 can be obtained by registering on the Insider Windows program but the company warned of the risks of downloading software under test .

If you are a bold user and want to keep trying, you can download version. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the official website of Insider Program Windows and log on using a Microsoft account (hotmail, msn, outlook) and click “Start” (Get start).
  • Once there, click on “Join now” (join now) and a page of legal terms appear . In this section Microsoft warns of risks of installing a technical version.
  • They note that by accepting the terms of use will be aware that installing a previous version of the software that will not be “fully tested”. It also states that you may experience failures, security vulnerabilities, data loss and device damage.
  • Being an experimental version with emphasis on feedback, all the details of using the device will be sent to Microsoft for product improvement. Once joins the program to receive emails about the product and to stop receiving them will have to leave the program.
  • Once you accept these conditions (if it does not cannot be part of the program or software installation) appear a link to download the technical version (Install Technical Preview)
  • Clicking here you two options to download a 32-bit and 64-bit (they are types of processor architecture) appear. Click the option you want in the language you want. So start downloading the file.
  • Since Microsoft suggest that when the download is complete, the user mustdownload the ISO file to an installation media such as a DVD or USB flash drive.
  • “Boot your PC from the installation media and follow the steps to perform a clean installation,” explained.
  • To run an ISO file, the user must have a third party programfor that file becomes an installation. Since Microsoft said that DVD burning programs have thisfunctionality but you can also download options like Power ISO, which is free.
  • Go to the interface and select the ISO file “setup.exe” installation.That will start the installation of the software. The system will ask if you want your files and folders in Windows 10 remain Once you select the installation settings, click Install.
  • Alert Microsoft : “If you want to stop using Windows Technical Preview and return to the previous version of Windows, you’ll have to reinstall the previous versionfrom the installation or recovery media that came with your PC (usually a DVD). If you have no recovery media, you can create it from a recovery partition on your computer with the software provided by the manufacturer. ll have to do this before upgrading .

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