Dhoni Says Hussey to replace Fletcher as Indian Coach

Dhoni Says Hussey to replace Fletcher as Indian Coach:

M.S Dhoni said to replace Duncan Fletcher with the Australian Michael Hussey with one of the BCCI official. Dhoni captain of Indian team and now he was former captain for tests. He taken Awful decision of quitting from test cricket, while in on-going Australia Series. Now Virat Kohli to lead the team in tests while in another ODIs, T20 formats Dhoni leads the team. Kohli already had experience with the first test but unfortunately India lost the test match by 48 runs. Now it could be interesting that how sufficiently he manages with puberty behavior not with his arrogance.

M.S.Dhoni Suggests to replace Duncan Fletcher with Michael Hussey

MS Dhoni suggests to replace Duncan Fletcher with Michael Hussey:

Dhoni said that Michael Hussey to replace Duncan Fletcher as the Coach of Indian Team. After Dhoni Test retirement however there are some talk that he will also retire from ODIs after 2015 World cup but the BCCI said that Dhoni will also play 2019 World cup. But this talks can be considered if the confirmation from Dhoni.

Duncan Fletcher contract expires after the World Cup 2015 as the chances are very low to continue as Indian coach. He was having poor record in overseas tests. Michael Hussey has exceptional career with Australian team and he retired in early 2013 due to spend more time with family. Hussey was in a close proximity when he played in Chennai Super Kings under Dhoni.

So, Dhoni was always being surprise with his decisions and ICC will take the decision after the concerning with the senior Indian players and other members.


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