Datsun GO Plus(+) Price Specifications Review Pics Features

Datsun GO Plus(+) Information:

Datsun company production began in 1931, and
Datsun is a brand owned by Nissan.

Front of the Datsun GO plus(+) looks exactly like is
also having a Single Wiper blade similar to GO.the
GO plus(+) gives a nice impression compared to GO.while
the tail-lights are same as in GO.

Dutsun GO plus(+) Style.

The spirit of the risers, Datsun GO plus(+) was developed
as a cozy, movable family lounge.

Dutsun GO plus(+) Design:

The design is modern, with a sleek, dynamic silhouette
and a strong shoulder line. The clean body styling
makes it a crowd standout.

Watch Datsun GO Plus Design and Details Video:

Together With Datsun GO plus(+)

Smart seating configuration
An extra third row seats
With more floor space
New level of customer satisfaction with GO plus(+)


Fun to drive and highly maneuverable.
GO plus(+) also comfort and security for you and your
Datsun GO plus(+) Tested in local and extreme road and
weather conditions.
Datsun GOplus(+) is reliable and durable.

Datsun GO plus(+) Ride:

The Datsun GO plus(+) is Powered by 1.2 litre three cylinder
Petrol engine.GO plus(+) generates a maximum power of
67bhp and 104 Nm of Maximum Torque.

Watch The Datsun GO Plus Ride Video:

Datsun GO plus(+) Fuel-Efficiency:

Datsun GO plus(+) fuel-eficiency is 20.6 kmpl.

Datsun GO Plus(+) Safety:

Better Braking
Providing better illumination in width and depth at night.
Better Visibility.

Datsun GO Plus(+) Details

5-door 5+2 MPV
5+2 seats
1.2 engines
5 speed manual transmission
Mobile docking station
Below 100 Million Indonesian Rupiah
Competitive Cost Of Ownership

Datsun GO Plus(+) Dimensions

Length: 3,995mm
Width: 1,635mm
Height: 1,485mm
Wheelbase: 2,450mm

Datsun GO Plus (+)Price :

Datsun GO+ price in India-5.0lac**

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