Chandrakala Movie Review Rating Public Talk Critics Review Collections

Chandrakala Movie Review Rating Public Talk Critics Review:

Chandrakala movie starring Hansika, Andrea, and Lakshmi Rai directed by Sundar is set to release on December 19th 2014 in Telugu.

Chandrakala Movie Cast and Crew:

Chandrakala movie Director: Sundar C

Chandrakala movie Producer: C. Kalyan

Chandrakala movie Music Director: Bharathwaj, and Karthik Raja

Chandrakala movie Cast: Sundar C, Vinay, Hansika, Andrea, Santhanam

Chandrakala movie Cinematography: U. K. Senthil Kumar

Chandrakala movie Editor:  N. B. Srikanth

Chandrakala movie Run Time: 2 Hours 40 minutes.

Chandrakala movie Story Line:

The Chandrakala movie is based on comedy, and Horror type film. Recently many films are approaching this way to success of their film with comedy with horror. C. Kalyan who is well-known producer bought patent to the Tamil version of same movie named “ Aranmanai” directed by Sundar C. The Aranmanai movie was released in September of this year, which made a very big success with 20 crores of collection with just 4 crores of budget.

The movie directly dubbed into Telugu and there may be no changes in the movie. The Chandrakala movie was making appearance with huge expectations for the viewers. The Chandrakala movie will lead by Hansika Motwani. Hansika got very good image with this movie on Tamil and even impressed by the critics with her performance on this movie.

Watch Chandrakala movie Theatrical Trailer:

The other stars Andrea, and Lakshmi Rai are also made good contribution to the movie. The director Sundar c was well-known director who was directed 25 movies. He was started his acting career in Thalai nagaram movie. He was succeeded as both director and actor, Sundar has great success record of his movies.

The Chandrakala movie audio was released on 13th December and songs got a very good response.The Chandrakala movie trailer looks like Geethanjali movie starring Anajali. Finally, chandrakala movie has already got positive talk before the release and how it going to be on Telugu will be seeing on 19th December 2014.

Chandrakala movie Review Rating:

Chandrakala movie Review :

Chandrakala (Hansika Motwani), a long last soul which is trapped in the very Zamindhar Bungalow.The soul is furious, frustrated and evidently not in peace. When strange events begin to take place in the house, Maadhavi’s (Andrea Jeremiah) brother Raavi (Sunder C) tries help solve the mystery and save the family from any more murders.

Chandrakala movie Plot :

Not a Big  horror Movie.and also comedy Movie. but It wont disappoint you, if you like horror comedy movies. there in lays the hitch, since if one is to combine these two elements that of horror and comedy. Already many telugu films are fond of this genre Horror Comedy based films. Geethanjali entertained the audience in 2014 while Prema katha chitram in 2013. Chandrakala nothing to do much in tollywood.

Chandrakala movie Positive points :


Sudden Horror Shorts.

Little Comedy.

Hrror Shorts BGS

Chandrakala movie Negative points :


Weak Screenplay.


Chandrakala movie Rating:


Do i Suggest Chandrakla Movie:

Yes// If you like Horror Comedy.and Hansika.



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