How to Block Websites on Google Chrome, Firefox in Windows 8, 7, X

Nowadays blocking a web site from unwanted access has been frequently applied by all the multitude in order to restrict the access to some exceptional websites. The net is ace of the innovations that had got tons of varieties in the way people communicate, read, shop and know new things. The purposes of this are vast and diverse. Today, the internet has become a piece of our spirit. We keep spending a bunch of time playing online.

At that place are few websites which distract us from our work and a few others which has a negative impression on kids. Want to block such sites?

Yes, now you can. Thither are many ways to block sites. But through this article I would like to present you the best ways of blocking a website.

Block Websites in Google Chrome and Firefox in Windows

Here, allow me take an example of how to block Facebook website on your computer.


Blocking Website using host file

  • Open the following path on your PC or Laptop Windows->system32->drivers->etc.->Master of ceremonies.
  • Now open the host files through notepad.
  • At the final stage of the script add (website you want to parry).
  • Immediately keep the changes and conclude it.
  • You can also reach host file by playing along the steps presented
    Open Windows defender application and click on the Settings tab.
  • Select Excluded files and locations, Now Click on Add and insert the below mentioned link.
  • C:WindowsSystem32Driversetchost.
  • Now type as mentioned earlier and save the changes made and click close.

Closing up a website employing the Software

Here are some softwares to block unwanted websites in Chrome and Firefoxwe use a software called an HT Employee monitor. By utilizing this software, we can choke up the website by following below steps.

Download this software and establish it on your PC.

Download HT Employee monitor

Click on Block web site button.

Now a window is arising, add the website link which you want to block.

Save the changes and exit.

This is how you can block some sites which you doesn’t want.

Likewise, you can also block access to other web sites by simply replacing with another website. To get them back clear what ever typed if it is through host file and click on delete if it is through the HT employee monitor.

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