Bear Kills Man in Chhattisgarh Video ,Shot dead

Bear Kills man in Chhattisgarh Video ,Shot dead:

The incident was happend on December 21 near Premanagar
Village , Surajpur District Chhattisgarh.the total attack of Bear on man was captured on a mobile phone.
The man who was attacked by Bear was a forest identified as Krishnapal was happened near Surajpur district in the northern part of Chhattisgarh.

Watch Bear Attack on Man Video.

The incident took place on 21st December last year,but it shown today.the total attack was filmed through a mobile.

The Bear was a female it has already killed one person before that.The forest Department and other villagers both are combinedly chasing the Bear to catch,During that attempt the female Bear caught hold of the guard Krishnapal Singh and killed him.Terrified villagers and forest officers entered in to the forest to kill it.

The bear was killed by the Police Department and Forest Department the same day.


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