Babu Bangaram Movie Review, Rating and Public Talk

Babu Bangaram Movie Review and Rating: 3.5/5
Babu Bangaram is an upcoming Telugu movie from Veteran actor Venkatesh Daggubati directed by Maruthi, produced by S.Radha Krishna under Sitara banner and distributed under Haarika & Haassini Creations. With all the hype Babu bangaram movie is going to be released on August 12th, 2016. With Venkatesh Daggubati and Nayantara in lead roles, Sampath, Posani Krishnamurali, 30years industry Prudvi, sapthagiri, and a lot of crew it was going to hit the screens. Directed by Maruti under S.Radhakrishna’s production house. It was definitely going to be a big plus for Venkatesh career. You can also search this film as Babu Bangaram movie review,  Babu Bangaram movie Public Talk,Babu Bangaram movie Critics Review,Babu Bangaram movie Premier Show Talk.

Babu Bangaram Movie Review and Rating

babu bangram

Babu Bangaram movie starring Venkatesh Daggubati,Nayantara, Brammhaji, and many other talented actors. Babu Bangaram movie songs were composed by Gibran which was  already a huge hit in the market. Last movies of Gibran like Jil, Malli Malli Idi Raani Roju, Run raja run were also musical hits. His tracks were very catchy and special to listen. Definitely, it would also a big musical hit. Released songs and promos raised up the hype for the movie. Venkatesh daggubati was back with his own style with romantic comedy drama. The released trailer shows up the ease of acting and the chemistry between the lead pair Venkatesh and nayanatara is a big plus for the movie. Venky and nayanatara were already a successful pair in the movies.

Babu Bangaram Movie Public Talk

Babu Bangaram movie starring Venkatesh daggubati, nayanatara in lead roles directed by Marathi under sitaara productions. Other casts were Bramhaji, 30yeras industry prudvi and much more. The released trailer shows up the movie that Venky playing a massive cop role with humor and sensitive touch. It was definitely going to be a biggie for Venkatesh career as he was a bit back with lack of solo hits. Venkatesh daggubati’s last solo hit was Tulasi and after with multi starer Seethamma vaakitlo sirimalle chettu he also secured the biggest collection hit in his career. Later his dubbed movie Drushyam managed to a hit and there after there was no hit for Venkatesh. And after all it was time for babu bangaram which was being like a romantic action comedy drama with Venky’s trademark comedy acting and the bgm of Bobbili raja is behind the sensation. It was really a big plus for the movie. The famous dialogue from Bobbili raja is also used in the movie and the bgm was extraordinary from Bobbili raja movie.

Babu Bangaram Movie Premier Show Talk

Venkatesh has been acting from 30years in the film industry. He is known for clean family entertainers with neat trademark scripts. The recently released trailer shows that Venky is also concentrated on the family audience with class and mass touch in the movie. Venky was playing a powerful cop role named ACP Krishna and his dialogue delivery was extraordinary as in every movie. His screen presence and his timing were really a big boost for the fans. As we all know Venky was the perfect choice for this movie with his unique style of acting which cannot be beaten by anyone. His dialogue modulation, comic sense, and timing, acting in emotional scenes which were huge advantages for the movie. Venky is a bit back because of his last failures in the movies. It was a much-needed victory for victory Venkatesh. He will be back with the bang and babu bangaram is going to be a special movie for Venkatesh in his career.

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