Annabelle movie review, rating, cast and crew


Directed by John R. Leonetti
Produced by Peter Safran,James Wan
Written by Gary Dauberman
Starring Annabelle Wallis,Ward Horton,Alfre Woodard
Music by Joseph Bishara
Cinematography by James Kniest
Edited by Tom Elkins
Production company :New Line Cinema
Atomic Monster
The Safran Company
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release dates :October 3, 2014
Running time 98 minutes
Country :Unites States
Language :English
Budget :$6.500.000
Box office :$66.922.000


Annabelle Wallis as Mia Gordon
Ward Horton as John Gordon
Tony Amendola as Father Perez
Alfre Woodard as Evelyn
Kerry O’Malley as Sharon Higgins
Brian Howe as Pete Higgins
Eric Ladin as Detective Clarkin
Ivar Brogger as Dr. Burgher
Tree O’Toole as Thin Woman; Annabelle Higgins
Keira Daniels as Young Annabelle Higgins
Morganna May as Debbie
Michelle Romano as Mary
Christopher Shaw as Fuller

Review and Rating:  6.1/10

The story of Annabelle begins with the classical ideal partner in a state of good hope: preparations for the baby’s birth and coming to a new home (the tape does not save on topics and jumps from one another constantly)

The husband gives his wife, who is a collector, the doll that was missing to complete, but tragedy looms over them as a sequence of seventies, style is reminiscent of films like Rosemary’s Baby , in they are attacked by members of a satanic cult. What we know is cited by a presence that is manifested through the wrist.

annabelle movie review

They’re very notable and the chopped flat contrapicados looking impossible angles to show the desperation of a marriage before a being from another world, but the film gradually deflated from the moment that explanations appear to be that neither the special effects They are up much less resolution of the plot, quite naive. And that there are a couple of scares top notch! How have won the film go that way instead of muddy cliches!

The last third of the film, in which we are already tired of seeing run around the house to Annabelle Wallis , the beautiful actress who stars in the film, is fireworks with finding a series of scary-dramatic moments that actually what’s obvious to the viewer is the lack of consistency of character, his actions and his pompous absurd lines of dialogue. The narrative tension is diluted jettisoning start work tape.

And the more I listen to her husband, unless he convinces us … Ward Horton ( The Wolf of Wall Street ) is the worst rating of a cast that takes talent wasted Alfre Woodard ( 12 years of slavery ) and does not stop squeezing everything Tony Amendola ( Once Upon a Time ), who plays the father of Perez we all expected more involvement to resolve the situation does an exorcism, perhaps?

But the sad thing is that there are stories about the real doll (rag, which bears little resemblance to the film made ​​by a company of toys), much more frightening that it has been told to us in Annabelle . In fact the link with Warren Record late and wrong …

Of course, reeks first stone of a new franchise that will emulate the formula shows “nosecuantasmil” movies ad nauseam and that’s the most unforgivable: that leaves us wanting more. Among cheers and boos has ships in Sitges a customary and specialized in this genre audience, which should worry much more than one. For if it is not received with open arms here Annabelle is because it is too light and very little risk. We hope to have more luck with the second part.

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