Amazing Psychology Facts

Psychology Facts:

Teddy Bear – 1 in 5 women and 1 in 20 men admit to sleeping with a cuddly toy on a regular basis.


Mental Health – Suicidal thinking or behaviour is the most common reason for people to be admitted into a mental institution.
Warm Weather – Women who live in warmer climates  have more body image concerns than those who live in colder climates.


Anxiety – People with generally high levels of anxiety are more likely to remember pictures of threatening faces than calmer people.

More Facts

Habits – On average it takes 66 days to form a habit.habit

Day Dreams – On average your mind wanders 30% of the time.

day dream

Influence – We think that other people are more easily influenced than ourselves.


Lying – The most common lie is ‘I’m fine’.


More Lies! – The average person tells 4 lies a day, 1460 a year and a total of 87,600 by the time they’re 60.


Happy Sun – People who spend more time in the sun are likely to be happier andhappy people are more likely to fall in love because their happiness is infectious.


Eye Contact – If someone makes eye contact with you for 60% of a conversation they’re bored, 80% and they’re attracted to you and 100% of the time then they are threatening you.

Attraction – The pupil of your eye expands up to 45% when you look at someone you love.
Awkward Silences – It takes 4 seconds for a silence to become awkward.

Swearing – When you’re hurt cursing helps to reduce pain.

Nonsense – We can udnretsnad any msseed up stnecene as lnog as the lsat and frsitlteerts of wdros are in crrcoet palecs

RecallIts easier to remember things with your eyes closed.
Television – Unhappy people watch more TV.

Brothers and Sisters – Having siblings is proven to help socialization with peers.

Clothes – What we wear affects how we behave.

Crying – When crying from happiness the first tear will come from the right eye but if you are crying from sadness it will come from the left.


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