Aamir Khan PK Movie Enters Into 300 Crores Club

Aamir Khan PK Movie Enters Into 300 Crores Club:

Aamir Khan sets new record with PK movie. The PK movie enters into 300 crore club and it is the first movie to initialise this new triple hundred crore club and it collects more than 600 crores in overall world. Aamir proves again by becoming the trend setter at the box office collections. Recently the movie has crossed the Dhoom 3 collections and now enters into first three hundred crores club.

Aamir Khan PK enters into  300 Crore Club

Before movie appearance on the screens it has been lot of altercation in public as well as in Bollywood Since, when the PK naked poster released. Even when movie released many protesters came to boycott the PK movie in many areas over India. But all this hurdles was successfully crossed to become first triple hundred crores club in Bollywood.

Aamir was being specialist to choose different movies and that was very good working at box office. PK was very special after 5 years Rajkumar Hirani directed this movie since his last movie was 3 Idiots. 3 Idiots movie has very huge response and now PK was extraordinary and hope that many films would come in this combination.

Former year only Salman had managed to get a good hit with Kick collecting more than 240 crores. In the New Year Aamir Khan sets a new record in Bollywood.

Aamir Khan Movies Box-office Record Collections in Bollywood:

Ghajini – The first hundred crores collection in India.

3 Idiots- The first two hundred crores collection in India.

Dhoom 3- The first five hundred crores collection of overall world.

PK- The first three hundred crores collection in India.

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