Narendra Modi says have the courage to say no to drugs

Mann Ki batt Narendra Modi says have the courage to say no to drugs

In an emotional appeal to the people of the country, the prime minister Narendra Modi on Sunday  telling the Indians wanted to stay away from the drug menace, we consider them bad,  but the fact that young people are not bad. The Prime Minister also urged the youth to have the courage to say no to drugs.

Speaking at his monthly conversation with the people in the name of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ All India in radio broadcasting, the PM said  drug is a psycho-socio-medical problem  and the need to look at it this way, “he said. The solution to this problem is much bigger than medicine, and everyone from the community, police will have to work together.

“He further said, “Drugs are nothing but a 3D problem. – Destruction, Darkness  and Devastation”.

Modi said that you spent a lot of money on drugs, you have a different life free of problems, but you can feel the bullet that hit the soldier felt for a few hours, “ask for medication takes a lot of money. We can’t help terrorists and drug mafia.”

“People feel cold and it’s a style, but drugs can lead to serious problems. Say no to drugs and have the courage and say to most of your friends.” Said  by  Modi.

Narendra Modi says have the courage to say no to drugs in Mann ki baat

The Prime Minister says do not start to run into bad habits, “he said. It happens on time. Parents should study the changes that are taking place and the children can be saved.For good education, children  leave their homes and go to & boarding hostels for life. There is much more to arise this problem.

Referring to the letters he said   rather than email and messages, i received more than 7,000 letters received on the issue of drug at Akashwani. But I got the letters that are inspiring and saddening.”,

The Prime Minister  also asked the celebrities from all walks of life to spread awareness of the issue and start a social media campaign with theurged citizenswith hashtag Drug Free India.

Thanking the media, Modi said that “I want to thank the media. Some of the TV channels did  exclusive drug programs. They expressed their concern over the matter.

PM Narendra Modi also  referred the Meeting, the team that won the blind Cricket World up, that he saw their enthusiasm. I got much energy by meeting them.

As declared June 21 as the International Day of Yoga mentioning he said, “The whole world came together on the matter. 177 nations co-sponsors, and this is a matter of great pride for India.

Modi talk radio and tries to answer the questions raised him via Twitter and Facebook launched last month.


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