Intermediate(IP) Exam Time Table for Telangana and Andhra

BIE Intermediate Exam Time Table:

AP-Inter-Time-Table-2015 (1)

Inter 2nd year Time Table 2015(senior)

Inter 1st year Time Table 2015(junior)
Ts Inter First-year Time Table schedule only ) Ts Inter Second-year Time Table schedule only )
Date Subject
11/3/2015Wednesday Second Language

12/3/2015Thursday Second Language

13/3/2015 Friday English Paper-1

14/3/2015 Saturday English Paper-2

16/3/2015 Monday Maths Paper-1a
Botany Paper-1
Civics Paper-1
Psychology Paper-1

17/3/2015 Tuesday Maths Paper-2a
Botany Paper-2
Civics Paper-2
Psychology Paper-2

18/3/2015 Wednesday Maths Paper-1b
Zoology Paper-1
History Paper-1

19/3/2015 Thursday Maths Paper-2b
Zoology Paper-2
History Paper-2

20/3/2015 Friday Physics Paper-1
Economics Paper-1
Classical Language Paper-1

23/3/2015 Monday Physics Paper-2

Economics Paper-2
Classical Language Paper-2

24/3/2015 Tuesday Chemistry Paper-1
Commerce Paper-1
Sociology Paper-1
Fine Arts
Music Paper-1

25/3/2015 Wednesday Chemistry Paper-2

Commerce paper-2
Sociology Paper-2
Fine Arts
Music Paper-2

26/3/2015 Thursday Geology Paper-1
Home Science Paper-1 Pub.Admn paper-1
Logic Paper-1
Geography Paper-1 Bridge Course Maths Paper-1 (for BPC Students)

27/3/2015 Friday Geology Paper-2
Home Science Paper-2 Pub. Admn Paper-2
Logic Paper-2
Geography Paper-2 Bridge Course Maths Paper -2 (for BPC Students)
30/3/2015Monday Modern Language Paper-1

31/3/2015Tuesday Modern Language paper-2

For more details check the link given here

:Intermediate exam time table for Telangana and Andhra

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