These headphones can be controlled by our brain


The headphones you see in the picture are called Mico and were created by   Neurowea. Apart from being a  very large headphones, Mico have nothing very striking: connect to your iPhone and play songs that have been marked witha app special. What’s so special? That reproduction is not random, but depends on our mood.

Do you feel sad? Then Mico surely play some blues. Do you feel energetic? Then an electronic music is probably what you’ll hear. Of course you can switch songs if you want, but the idea of these headphones is that they just listen to your brain when it tells you what type of music listening.

Most devices that use brain waves do not tend to perform very well in predicting our emotional states, so do not be surprised if these headphones do not.

Currently there have been released, there are just a few prototypes, but will do so within many months or maybe a couple of years it takes, the do not know for sure.


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