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Memory Loses links to Blood Group

Blood Groups and risks to get the diseases The Fluid organ of the human body, blood which carries all proteins and oxygen with it.As we know blood groups are categorized into the major four types as A,B,AB,O and all the medical treatments depend on the type of blood group we have in major surjery.As the

Navia: new electric vehicle without a driver to transport passengers

In some countries, the major automakers are working hard to develop vehicles last technology that can conduct themselves without someone to go behind the wheel. The first releases are expected in 2015 or so, but in Singapore the wait has become much shorter. The picture shows the Navia ,driverless vehicle that can carry up to 8 people at a time. The Navia, which incidentally

Triumph Thunderbird LT Specifications Features Price

Triumph Thunderbird LT Specifications Features Price Triumph Thunderbird LT  Specifications: Triumph Thunderbird LT  Features, Specifications and Price  Details. Triumph Thunderbird LT Engine and Transmission Type                             Liquid-cooled, DOHC, Parallel-twin, 270º firing interval Capacity                  

Hyderabad Metro Rail

Hyderabad Metro Rail Project is the World’s Largest Public-Private Partnership Project (PPP) in the Metro Sector. Metros and MRTS (Mass Rapid Transport System) are emerging as a major area for infrastructure development in major cities with high population (around 8 Million). The Metro Rail Project, once completed will transform Hyderabad as the preferred city in